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Our hands-on deep tissue work aims to reduce the soft tissue tension locking you in certain positions. It will also help to guide the way any injured tissue is healing.

Gentle but specific articulations & manipulations help to increase your joint motion & control. 


A ‘reset’ of your body’s alignment, mobility and stability under gravity is what we are trying to promote, using a wide range of soft tissue and joint techniques adapted to you.

Reset, reinforce then reload.


If your preference is a more traditional deeper soft tissue massage, we can do that too. Our original training was in remedial massage.


Knowledge is the best form of health insurance, never moreso than today. 

We aim to provide you with clear explanations to help you understand why pain might be there and why it might hurt to move - as well, to relieve some of the fears associated with painful, over-protective movement. 

We will diagnose your problem and fill you in on what needs to be avoided and what needs to be implemented to resolve it. Or to best manage it, depending on your situation. We will make you more aware.


You're never too old or too far gone. But to bring on change, you must start the change.


Activity is medicine and is prescribed early and gradually.

We will recommend active movement & exercise homework specific to you (hint:  it will be short & sweet but frequent). It will be tailored to improve your tissue quality, as well as your control, balance, co-ordination and the strength that you can actually control & apply. There will be stretching, joint articulations, breathing, mobility and stability work.

By loading your body tissues in simple but non-habitual ways (remember, your brain gets used to whatever you keep showing it, whether that is helpful or unhelpful!), we can alter the way you choose to ‘use’ your body.